Getting Here
  • Gibralter Airport
  • Malaga Airport
      Estepona is on the Costa del Sol, 82km from Malaga and 47km from Gibraltar. Both international airports are very extremely convenient. Here is a brief guide to using the airports. Further details on request.  
      Concierge services

    Should you prefer not to drive we can arrange collection and return journey to either Malaga or Gibraltar airports direct to the Townhouse at reasonable rates. We have a reliable and helpful contact who can 'meet and greet' you. As a resident they are aware of local traffic issues and commuting times.

      Gibraltar Airport  
    Gibraltar Airport is an experience • the main road out of Gib, as it is known, runs over the runway. The traffic is stopped like a level crossing when there is a takeoff or landing. In terms of getting to Estepona, the airport offers advantages as it is much closer and smaller, but these can be outweighed by the annoyance of leaving Gibraltar and entering Spain.  
      The airport is extremely small. It is compact and very easy to walk around, with a bar and some small shops. You will see British Bobbies! An added advantage is that it is a duty free zone, and you can buy on arrival. The airport is about 10 minutes walk from the main street in Gibraltar. Both arriving and departing from Gibraltar Airport is extremely fast and friendly.

    There are a string of car hire firms in the airport and it is very easy to pick up a vehicle, with the car park being a short walk over the road from arrivals.

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      Malaga Airport  
    Malaga Airport is the main international airport for the Costa del Sol. Malaga Airport (AGP) or Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport as it is also known is located 6 km to the south west of Malaga city and 82 km (54 minutes by car) from Estepona. The journey by car to Estepona is mainly by Autopista/motorway and is very straightforward.  
  • Car Hire. There are many Rent-a-Car companies in and around Malaga Airport. Several Car-hire companies are based in the Malaga airport basement carpark. A pre-booked car can be picked up and on the road in about 20/30 minutes. The car hire offices are downstairs from the Arrivals Hall in Malaga airport. Send someone to start queuing whilst you pick up your luggage from the carrousel.
  • Private Hire. Taxis are plentiful at Malaga Airport. All prices are displayed and fixed. The cost to Estepona is about (rough guide) 110-130 depending on day and time of journey. Feedback from clients is that private hire taxis have been known to take the 'scenic route', and not the most direct route, to the Townhouse. We would recommend pre-booking. A general tip is to ask the price before you start your journey.
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