Further Afield
  Exploring the Interior

There are many fascinating places to visit when staying in Estepona. For the ambitious sightseer there are the historic cities of Andalusia; Seville, Granada, Cadiz and Cordoba. For those who don't want to drive too far and want an interesting day, there are numerous places to visit, many off them are off the tourist 'beaten track'.

Caseras is the nearest Pueblo Blanco to Estepona. Pueblos Blancos is the name given to the white hilltop villages. A good tip is to drive to the outskirts and park; the roads can be very narrow, winding and steep. It's a great place to explore on foot and look at the amazing views over the mountains. There are some good cafes in the central square. From the highest points the native vultures can be seen soaring and gliding on the warm thermals.  
About 50 minutes drive on from Caseras is Gaucin, up the winding roads into the mountains. Another lovely place for a relaxing stroll through a mountain village. Gaucin is a very "green" village, with many colourful terraces and gardens. Opposite the only petrol station in the area, is 'El Pilar', a very popular place with the Spanish for lunch. The 'menu del dia' is excellent value and the views from the terrace are spectacular.  
Ronda is a popular tourist destination and well worth a visit. The famous gorge offers a stunning view of the dramatic countryside. However, for somewhere rather special, the town of Setenil de las Bogedas is unique: Houses, bars and little shops have been built into the rock of the river gorge. It's extremely picturesque and a good place to stop for a snack.  
  In the same vicinity is the larger town of Olvera with its restored Moorish castle. There are various pueblos on the way back to Estepona if for a real taste of rural life. There's Montajaqua, Barbarin, Cortez de la Fontera before meeting the road back at Gaucin.  
  When visiting Gibraltar, drive a bit further and find the very windy town of Tarifa. A fortress town where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, it's at the shortest distance between Africa and Europe. This gives Tarifa an Moroccan feel. It's reputation is that the winds drive the people of the town mad, but this hasn't stopped the popularity of the area. The wide sand dunes are perfect for windsurfing. Also, love them or loath them, it's the site of the largest wind farm in Andalusia.  
  Further on there is the the tuna fishing port of Zahara de Los Atunes and driving along the beautiful coastline of sand dunes and pines to Barate one can then choose to drive inland and visit Vejer and Medina-Sidonia.  
  Medina-Sidonia is set on a hill-top surrounded by a landscape of rolling wheatfields. A charming historic town with wonderful views from the ruin.  

Yes, we know what you're thinking. But as well as superb shopping Marbella has a delightful old town that is well worth the minimal effort of getting there.

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